diet4j 0.13 wasn’t a public release, but 0.14 is, and it is available now. Here are the major changes since 0.12:

  • Using new module diet4j-jsvc, it is now straightforward to create server-side apps consisting of diet4j modules, without using an application server, and using the Apache jsvc daemon as the main program. An example systemd.service file is provided.

  • Added PKGBUILD file to make it easier to install and upgrade diet4j on pacman-based Linux platforms, such as Arch Linux and UBOS.

  • More clearly distinguish between run-time dependencies and other dependencies in API and implementation; avoid attempting to resolve dependent modules that aren’t needed at run-time.

  • When a class cannot be found, add to the message of the java.lang.ClassNotFoundException which diet4j module threw the exception.

  • More output options for diet4j-status.

  • Better debug-level log messages.

  • Various smaller bug fixes.

Happy dieting!